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2018 · 21 May 2018
Meet Linda Fowler. A business woman who has rebuilt her business and her life after great challenges. It's now what sets her apart in her industry to help others in business. Located in Gippsland where she's achieved an enviable but achievable work/life balance.
2017 · 24 July 2017
Merrin Dorothy is a familiar face around Gippsland. The owner of the delightful Yinnar General Store with her husband Matt and a talented artist as well. She is instantly recognisable with her huge smile and red hair. Most days are spent as a family of three running their popular store with one year old son Milo along for the fun.

2017 · 04 July 2017
Megan Emery, like many others came to call Gippsland home after falling in love with a local. Growing up on the Gold Coast she left her hometown with a suitcase and a few hundred dollars and vowed to experience anything that life wanted to throw at her. She called it the ‘Yes game’ inspired by the movie Yes Man. This led to meeting a South Gippy lad in Sydney.