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2020 · 19 March 2020
Meet Christine Brooks who is helping make lasting memories for her clients in Gippsland and beyond with her new photo booth business.
2017 · 28 August 2017
Noel Bosman had to leave Gippsland to be reminded that it really was ‘home.’ The father of four had a late start in the world of Hairdressing after a career in supermarket management. He was always pestering his sisters to let him do their hair and finally, 10 years ago, he turned his passion into a profession.

2017 · 14 August 2017
Jayne Neilson from Central Victoria was brought out of her own deep darkness into a healing light where she now nurtures and inspires others with music and creating community.
2017 · 31 July 2017
Meet Ester de Boer an illustrator and a writer who originally hails from Queensland now living and creating in Gippsland.

2017 · 24 July 2017
Merrin Dorothy is a familiar face around Gippsland. The owner of the delightful Yinnar General Store with her husband Matt and a talented artist as well. She is instantly recognisable with her huge smile and red hair. Most days are spent as a family of three running their popular store with one year old son Milo along for the fun.
2017 · 04 July 2017
Megan Emery, like many others came to call Gippsland home after falling in love with a local. Growing up on the Gold Coast she left her hometown with a suitcase and a few hundred dollars and vowed to experience anything that life wanted to throw at her. She called it the ‘Yes game’ inspired by the movie Yes Man. This led to meeting a South Gippy lad in Sydney.

2017 · 27 June 2017
Josh Whittaker is a driven individual. An advocate for health and passionate about fitness and family.
2017 · 03 June 2017
Meet Emma Hudson who arrived in Australia from the UK with her two sons and three suitcases. Faces of Gippsland.

2017 · 01 June 2017
Tammy Logan Living Plastic-Free in Gippsland on faces of Gippsland
2017 · 01 June 2017
Volunteering: The Key to Community Connection. Michael Dempsey on Faces of Gippsland

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