A Mid-life-crisis Saved My Life

Vin Rabl grew up in Warragul in a family with 8 brothers. He thanks his ‘mid life crisis’ for saving his life. 

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Open Art Studio - Boisdale Church Conversion

Ken Roberts was born in Maffra in 1960 at Maffra District Hospital. “My twin sister and I were pictured on the front page of the Maffra Spectator as its newest citizens.” Ken has worked in this same hospital the last 22 years as a nurse.

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Thorpdale Blogger Wins Award

Meet Emma Steendam, Thorpdale farmer, photographer, mother and blogger who has been awarded 'Blogger of the Year' by Bupa. Emma has been blogging for 10 years as she and her now husband Matt , worked around the country, finally settling a few paddocks away from Emma's childhood home. A professional photographer who has captured her life through pictures and her passion for writing, has had her talent recognised this past week.

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Live Music in Gippsland

Meet Brett Glover, a musician turned TV show presenter has, along with a talented crew of volunteers, put his talents to good use showcasing the music artists of Gippsland on ‘Live at Spectrum’, Australia’s first live-streaming music TV show that’s featured on Foxtel each we

Brett Glover hails from the town of Kilmany near Rosedale. Hes since settled close to his roots, making his home in the large regional town of Sale.

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Bristle and Brush - Art for Everyone

Art lover Amie Pump relocated with her family from the NSW Mid North Coastal Town of Laurieton to Gippsland to be close to her extended family. Long before they arrived, Amie was dreaming about a new business venture to launch once she reached Gippsland. Allowing her creative spirit to lead the way she has set about establishing mobile art classes in the region

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Guest Post - Den of Nargun, Mitchell River National Park

With an overwhelming response to my shout-out for Gippsland writers to collaborate with Faces of Gippsland, I've chosen a junior writer to be the first to feature here.


Meet Quinn Andrews who writes as Master 10. A boy who only recently celebrated a double-digit birthday and already contributes to his family travel blog 3 Hours from Home. 



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A South Gippsland Feast

Brent Sinclair has brought his passion for food and creativity in catering to South Gippsland.

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Join Faces of Gippsland

With a growing audience I want to welcome

writers of Gippsland to contribute to this page.

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Lose Yourself in the Pages

Lisa G grew up in a nomadic family, living what she calls a ‘gypsy’ lifestyle before they settled in Gippsland in her late teen years. The family has long since moved on but Lisa has made her home here for the past 30 years.

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Kayak Fishing in Gippsland

Ruth Beeby arrived in South Gippsland in 2003 from Western Victoria.  Drawn to the rolling hills and clean beaches nearby, she calls it her Sea Change. 


Ruth’s passion is evident when talking about the powerful Kingfish. “They can be elusive; you have to go quietly up on them and when they take your lure, hang on – they really put up a fight!" The sight of a Kingfish splashing around early in the morning at Welshpool with the sun just rising and some sea mist on the horizon, there is nothing quite like it”, she shares animatedly.


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Adventure and Survival in Tanjil Valley


Steve Haughton is a company director, writer and adventurer based in the Tanjil Valley where his home is positioned with stunning views over the Blue Rock Lake.  He has just returned home from a family holiday exploring Europe with his wife Cate and 2 year old son Stanley.


Steve came to the area after he finished his diploma of Natural Resource Management and degree in Park Management at Deakin University, following his parents who had made the tree-change to Gippsland from Melbourne’s south-east a few years earlier.


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Turning Passion into a Profession


Noel Bosman had to leave Gippsland to be reminded that it really was ‘home.’ The father of four had a late start in the world of Hairdressing after a career in supermarket management. He was always pestering his sisters to let him do their hair and finally, 10 years ago, he turned his passion into a profession.


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Loving a Life Lived Upside-Down

Theresa Jacobs came to Gippsland from North Island, New Zealand, 12 years ago to help build a commercial dairy goat farm. Along the way a passion for exercising upside-down has taken her life in a new direction with her opening The Red Room of Pole in Trafalgar.

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Faith and Hope through Music

Jayne Neilson from Central Victoria was brought out of her own deep darkness into a healing light. She now nurtures and inspires others through her gift with music and passion for creating community. 

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Town and Country Gardener


Matthew Henry’s family history is deeply rooted in South Gippsland. Growing up in the Bluegum country of Poowong and the Messmate and Tea Tree flats of Kernot, it was here that his love for the natural world was first allowed to grow. After 20 years as an English teacher Matthew walked away from his day-job to follow a lifelong obsession with horticulture.


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The Journey of the Imagination








Ester de Boer is an illustrator and a writer. She came to Gippsland to complete her Dip Ed at Monash University’s Churchill campus. Having never lived in Victoria she says she looked up Churchill on the map a week before leaving her Queensland home. She then packed her van and drove down; naive to what she would find at the end of her journey.

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Watercolour Art in Yinnar










Merrin Dorothy is a familiar face around Gippsland. The owner of the delightful Yinnar General Store with her husband Matt and a talented artist as well. She is instantly recognisable with her huge smile and red hair.

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Blooming in the Latrobe Valley











Rhi Tomholt grew up in the South West of Western Australia. She was living in Darwin after travelling around the country when she met her now husband. They both returned to his hometown of Traralgon in 2011.


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Gold Coast to South Gippsland







Megan Emery, like many others came to call Gippsland home after falling in love with a local. Growing up on the Gold Coast she left her hometown with a suitcase and a few hundred dollars and vowed to experience anything that life wanted to throw at her. She called it the ‘Yes game,’ inspired by the movie Yes Man. This led to meeting a South Gippy lad in Sydney.

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Mental Health in Gippsland






The local news is a buzz tonight following the press release that local MP Russell Northe is taking some time away from his demanding career for his mental health. Three cheers for him. His honesty to share is to be applauded as Mental Health still carries an unnecessary stigma. 

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Health, Fitness and Family in the Valley











Josh Whittaker is a driven individual. An advocate for health and passionate about fitness and family.

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Transforming lives in Africa from Gippsland









Kerryn Vaughan works to make every minute count; to live a life of purpose. Achieving all this from her lifestyle property outside Trafalgar with her partner and their menagerie of pets by her side. She is a passionate advocate for young people, animal welfare and conservation. 


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The Secret to Gippsland Community Connections by Phoebe Rae










Get involved in your local community. This is the common thread we are seeing here on Faces of Gippsland and the not-so-secret formula for community connection. 

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Three Bags Full - A New Start in Gippsland








Meet Emma Hudson who arrived in Australia from the UK with her two sons and three suitcases.

[trigger warning: family violence]

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Living Plastic-Free in Gippsland










Tammy Logan has lived and worked her entire life in Gippsland except for four years when studying in Melbourne. Even then, she travelled back to Gippsland most weekends to the family home at Buln Buln on the same dairy farm her father was raised on.

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Volunteering: The Key to Community Connection









Michael Dempsey of Trafalgar says the biggest life changing moment for him, was when he met a pretty Australian girl in London and decided to return to her home in Australia -

to 'check it out.'

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From The Fire Comes Fiore








Meet Rachael Elswyk of Fiore Massage -Holistic Bodywork for women in Warragul. 

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*Disclaimer: The writers and editors of the Faces of Gippsland team will use the question/answer content responses from the submissions received as they are written. Excerpts of the answers and variations may be made with every intent to honour the original context. The story telling aspect of this creative project is a non-fiction journalistic style. Our every effort will be made to authentically communicate your story with integrity.