Phoebe Rae

Phoebe Rae is a writer in rural Gippsland passionate about elevating others in and from the region.


Phoebe lives a coffee fueled existence, squeezing as much out of life as she can. Writing about small town life, coffee, and bringing the stories of others to the world through her creative project "Faces of Gippsland" she is a passionate advocate for people in the community of Gippsland.


Passionate about social justice, family and community.  Allowing the wanderlust carry her on plans for adventure beyond the country town she loves.

Phoebe came to Gippsland in 2007 from Inner City Melbourne. Growing up in Central Victoria on a grain and sheep farm, the desire to return to a rural area to grow her family was strong.  Along with her husband and their first child they took their passion for food and made a tree-change, opening Obsession Coffee House in Trafalgar.  


They were quick to get involved in the community both joining a number of local committees, the Traf News, TCDA and Baw Baw Writers Group among them.  


Phoebe has volunteered with local high schools to empower young people to ready themselves for the workforce and training wanna-be baristas in the basics of cafe skills. Sharing her best tips with students to build their confidence when applying for hospitality industry jobs


In 2016 she wrote and began delivering an training package 'An Introduction to the Coffee Industry' for VCAL students. 


A regular guest speaker at Rotary and other community groups to talk about owning and running her cafe in Gippsland for more than 10 years. She encourages people to shop-local and support the Gippsland businesses in their immediate community. 


Phoebe and her family spend as much time outdoors exploring Gippsland as much as they can. They love the easy accessibility to the bush, the beach and the snow from their West Gippsland home. 


With the whole family involved in Scouting she holds a strong belief that time spent in the outdoors builds resilience and resourcefulness in children and adults alike.


When not out exploring you'll find her in the garden, drinking wine with friends, braiding hair, baking, reading and ignoring housework.  


A passion for better futures for the marginalised in society sees her a strong advocate for social justice both close to home and in the global community, with a deep faith that we can all do better to nurture our spirit, our relationships, our neighbours and our earth.


Working in communications and community engagement, Phoebe has take over a decade of Gippsland relationships and connections into her professional life at a primary health network with the goal to work towards a 'measurably healthier Gippsland'.


Open to new opportunities to stretch her skills and  ready for a challenge she is loving life 'beyond Obsession' since selling the family business 'Obsession Coffee House'. While her coffee consumption hasn't waned, the last few years in the corporate world is a neat fit for this enthusiastic go-getter.


With time spent on the road around this beautiful region of GIppsland  she's always after podcast good recommendations or audiobooks to listen to.


She is a engaging presenter and dynamo M.C. and enjoys chatting to groups about life in Gippsland, Small Business Success and Argentinean Turtle Wrestling.


She loves a chat, drop her a line on or phone

0423 070 373


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