2017 · 24 December 2017
Glenn Rodda came to visit family friends in Gippsland regularly during the eighties. One day she said “When are you moving up here Rodda?” He jokingly replied, “when you find me a house.” She did and in 1989 he and his wife Anne moved to Trafalgar, leaving behind their parents and family in and around Melbourne.
2017 · 18 December 2017
Courtney Baker was born in Warragul and after living in Melbourne for almost 10 years, she returned when she was expecting her son to be closer to family. She had only planned to be here a few years, but never left.

2017 · 20 November 2017
Vin Rabl grew up in Warragul in a family with 8 brothers. He thanks his ‘mid life crisis’ for saving his life.
2017 · 13 November 2017
Ken Roberts was born in Maffra in 1960 at Maffra District Hospital. “My twin sister and I were pictured on the front page of the Maffra Spectator as its newest citizens.” Says Ken who has worked in this same hospital the last 22 years as a nurse.

2017 · 03 November 2017
Meet Emma Steendam, Thorpdale farmer, photographer, mother and blogger who has been awarded 'Blogger of the Year' by Bupa
2017 · 30 October 2017
Meet Brett Glover, a musician turned TV show presenter has, along with a talented crew of volunteers, put his talents to good use showcasing the music artists of Gippsland on ‘Live at Spectrum’, Australia’s first live-streaming music TV show that’s featured on Foxtel each week.

2017 · 16 October 2017
Art lover Amie Pump relocated with her family from the NSW Mid North Coastal Town of Laurieton to Gippsland
2017 · 02 October 2017
Brent Sinclair has brought his passion for food and creativity in catering to South Gippsland.

2017 · 25 September 2017
With a growing audience I want to welcome writers of Gippsland to contribute to this page.
2017 · 17 September 2017
Lisa G grew up in a nomadic family, living what she calls a ‘gypsy’ lifestyle before they settled in Gippsland in her late teen years. The family has long since moved on but Lisa has made her home here for the past 30 years.

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