Guest Writers · 08 May 2020
Meet Anna Cuttriss a Bass Coast ceramic artist and 'slashy' interviewed by guest writer Karen Bateman from Artist Meets Writer
Guest Writers · 19 April 2020
Meet Emma Burness, a Bass Coast small scale farmer and photographer interviewed by guest writer Karen Bateman from Artist Meets Writer

Guest Writers · 09 April 2020
Meet Kerri Anne Pratt, a Gippsland photographer interviewed by guest writer Karen Bateman from Artist Meets Writer
2020 · 19 March 2020
Meet Christine Brooks who is helping make lasting memories for her clients in Gippsland and beyond with her new photo booth business.

2019 · 02 June 2019
The quality of regional amateur theatre performances proves that Gippsland has some of the best entertainment on offer. Wonthaggi Theatrical Group presents Les Miserables and does not disappoint. Local Tom Green stands out among the crowd.
2018 · 15 July 2018
Josiah Brooks oozes authenticity and is so driven to protect what he’s created and do justice to the audience of followers. 12 months of preparation for meeting him involved watching many videos, vlogs and live streams. When I sat with his family in their lounge room, they were the exact same individuals you see on camera on YouTube. The interview was beautifully interrupted with their little boy wanting to play music and picnics. The chemistry and fun between the family of three was a delight.

2018 · 03 June 2018
Meet Naomi Seccombe, professional photographer from the Latrobe Valley creating memories for families journeying through pregnancy, birth and beyond.
2018 · 28 May 2018
Meet Angela Betheras who, along with 60 alpacas lives on her picturesque Darnum property. Using a Japanese weaving technique she creates one of a kind, wearable works of art from hand-dyed alpaca fleece.

2018 · 21 May 2018
Meet Linda Fowler. A business woman who has rebuilt her business and her life after great challenges. It's now what sets her apart in her industry to help others in business. Located in Gippsland where she's achieved an enviable but achievable work/life balance.
2018 · 17 May 2018
Meet first generation Australian Jess Johnson has discovered her passion for healing and empowering women through natural therapies. With a move to small community in South Gippsland after her husband landed his dream job, Jess has started building a big vision for her future business in her new location. Celebrating womanhood with other like-minded individuals fuels her love of connection to the heart and soul.

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